Dowsing for health workshops

Dowsing has been used by people for hundreds probably thousands of years. For anything from health to finding underground water, oil, lost items and a lot more.

The British Army too! so would you like to develop your dowsing skills, and I say develop because we can all do it, no exceptions. It can be used to answer any question, as long as the question is set for a yes or no answer. for example, you could ask, "Am I wearing a blue dress?" to which you will get a yes or no response, but you can't ask "What colour is my dress? because there are too many possible answers.



This can be learned easily and it is great fun.

I run Dowsing workshops in Somerset and Hampshire, I can come to other areas providing there are ten participants. If you can accomodate a workshop in your home you can do it free!

Contact me for more information .

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