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Where do you live?

Where do you live?

Most of us live in our head, but that’s not always or rarely in fact the best place to be!

Who is that voice in your head, is it really you, or is it your personality?

Is that really you? I used to believe that voice was me, but now I know it’s not the real me. The essence of who I am actually resides somewhere else.

So where is that I hear you ask – Actually I believe that every single cell in the physical body has its very own consciousness, now is that the same as the mind? Well I believe it is, and I now know that mind or consciousness is also not limited to the physical body.

Science has long since proved that we are not just a physical body. In fact if we take this to the extreme – when we examine our body scientifically and look inside the cells, we find the atoms which we know that we and everything else are made of. But when we look inside the atom there is no longer anything there? So what are we made of?

Pure energy or photons of light – that’s what we truly are.

As hard as this is to imagine and get our thinking brain around. It is absolutely true.

The energy of our heart space – not the physical pump that keeps us ‘alive’, but the energetic frequency of who we are, is infinite, and this infinite energetic frequency connects us all in a universal sea of possibility. This is where I’d rather live. How about you?

Our personality is developed by our experience since our conception. We have characteristics, which can seem to be family traits, but science is now proving that most Genetic influences and even some of the ‘Genetic health’ issues are not that at all. They are created by our environmental influences and beliefs.

For example if there is a condition which ‘runs’ in a family. It is believed by the family members that they are likely to develop that condition. But we now know that in most cases, in fact 95%! That it is the ‘belief’ that causes the condition to be created rather than the genes.

Personality consists of our unique characteristics and the programme which is recorded in our subconscious mind from conception onwards But we are only operating from the conscious mind for 5% of the time. So for the majority of the time - 95% of the time, we’re running on autopilot and the ‘programme’ is running the show!