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Is that voice in your head the REAL YOU?

That voice in your head is not you – that voice or voices are from a programme. That’s right your brain is just like a computer – and it gets programmed just like your computer by everything you have ever experienced – good or bad.

But ask yourself this – Who is it that hears the voice? That is who you really are – the ‘Listener’ – who has been waiting in the wings for you to realise your own true power and potential . Link So – from the time you arrived here on the planet you have been subjected to, and programmed by, the ideas, values, opinions and judgments of your family, parents, siblings, teachers, society, government and everything you see in the media. Some of this you will have accepted as true and right. Mostly you will have been told what to think, how to think, and most importantly to not question. You now have a belief system which is not yours, but everyone else’s. It can feel like pretty much everything has been decided for you, with very little opportunity for true choice available to you. OR SO IT SEEMS! This can leave you feeling Anxious, Angry, Frustrated, Disempowered even Hopeless. To escape these overpowering feelings it’s very easy to get into situations with relationships, alcohol and drugs, which at the time seem to make you feel better allowing you to escape the hopelessness. You can feel like you cant do right for doing wrong. The TRUTH though is very different – and all you need to know is how to re-write your programme, defrag your hard drive, remove the viral lies and untruths which you have accepted as yours. Science is proving today how we have far more abilities than we are led to believe. Know that you do have choices available to you, discover who you are and how to achieve your highest potential. How do I do this you ask? You will find information and links in here to amazing resources which enable you to allow change into your life.

Lesley Knight August 2010

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