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What is your Truth

What we know is what we have learned from our parents, family, friends, teachers, society, church, government etc

This is all knowledge, and some of that knowledge is true for us, but most is not. We are 'taught' that we should learn how to be - something, but that something may or may not be who and what you want to be.

Our Knowing is what we should be listening to more than anything else. We all have this knowing reponse, but mostly we arn't aware of it. We arn't taught to feel this response which we feel in our body

We are taught how to think, how to learn, how to retain information, but not how to be aware of the bodily reponse we get when we ask any question, when we are in any situation, we 'know' whether that is a right choice for us, whether that is true for us or not.

But often we respond from our knowledge which is a head/mind response and not our truth, which is unique to us, and our own truth is not 'the' truth, because really there is no universal truth which will apply to us as an individual.


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