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Nosode tester kit complete with Drainages and Support remedies.

Test for and treat your clients for Bacterial Viral & Fungal infections, Parasites, and a lot more -

Using Vega testing, Dowsing or muscle testing you can identify the cause of symptoms, and then clear them using Isopathic Nosode remedies  drainages and homeopathic support remedies.
Please contact me for the list of the 183 Nosodes and 17 Homeopathic drainage and support remedies.
All of the vials can be copied Radionically with the Spectrum Remedy makers to make treating your clients very easy.
£350 incuding shipping  



Nosode remedies


Nosode remedies are Isopathic in the way they allow the body to release the pathogen/toxicity.


Determine which Nosode/s and drainage and support remedies your client needs by clinical testing, Vega testing/electro acupuncture, muscle testing, or dowsing .   



New clients may have a worsening or even new symptoms appear.  In this case advise them to take 1/2 dose for a few days, then take full dose.

I give in 100ml bottle - Normal dosage is 20 drops 3 times a day in a little water, to be held in the mouth for 1/2 minute before swallowing. If they need several  different Nosodes, 

they can be combined in a large 500ml bottle and made up to 500ml with the Drainage and support remedies.  


(You cannot overdrain - give as many drainages as the client can take) in this way they can take 5ml 3 times per day.   



As a rule I give up to 6 Nosodes at the same time, but caution when treating serious conditions such as Lymes disease.  Severe Herxheimer reactions are often experienced when clearing chronic Lyme bacteria, and the co-infections associated with it. I advise clients to start with a few drops per day, and monitor their symptoms, gradually building up to the full dose.


If possible make up with 10% alcohol or refrigerate to preserve remedy. 


They must drink at least 1-1/2 - 2 litres water per day to flush the toxins from the body.


                                                                             £350 incuding shipping      

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