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From Sickness to Health

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Many symptoms and chronic illness are signs that the body is unhappy. Fortunately there are solutions which can clear the cause of those symptoms.

This is the holistic way of addressing health problems and by treating the whole person is a truly balanced way of resolving health challenges.

There are ways of detecting what is causing your symptoms using Vega testing and Biomagnetism. I can find the underlying causes and then eliminate them.

The body knows how to maintain health if it has the optimum conditions. I can help you to find the best solutions for you to gain better health and wellness.

Conditions which I have helped my clients with: 

Migraine - IBS - Cystitis - Lyme - Bartonella - Allergies - Arthritis - Pain - Stress - Trauma -

Depression - Bronchitis - Chronic Fatigue - M.E. - Asthma - Indigestion - heartburn - etc.

see testimonials from happy clients.

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