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Testimonials - Vega testing

I worked with Lesley for several months to heal from various bacterial, viral and fungi infections. she's amazing at diagnosing what's really going on with radionic analysis from a distance. I had intuitively known for awhile now that i had something similar to Lyme but not Lyme. Lesley was able to figure it out (it was Borrelia Miyamotoi aka tick borne relapsing fever) and once i took her remedy for it, i had major detox symptoms, so I KNOW it was helping my body release the infection. during every remedy in fact(not just the remedy for Borrelia Miyamotoi) I took from Lesley, I could feel detox symptoms, so I know her remedies were powerfully helping my body to release these invaders and heal. if you have mysterious symptoms that western doctors can't figure out the underlying root for, you have got to see Lesley. it will change your health and your life. trust.

Sara, California. USA May 2018

When I first went to see Lesley I had suffered with a nasty cough for nearly 30 years.  I was recommended to see her by a friend who had help to clear the cause of her recurrent cystitis.


 I was very sceptical but when the cough got really bad I decided to give it a try.  The way Lesley tests you using an EAV machine finds the cause of the problem, in my case it was a virus.  I was given a remedy mixture which cleared the underlying cause and within 3 months my cough had cleared.


 As you can imagine I was delighted, as was my husband.  We had both suffered for all those years because when it was at its worst it disturbed both of us at night.  


I had sought help from my doctor and was referred to specialists but nothing they offered made any difference.I would recommend anyone to see Lesley for health problems.


Kathleen, Salisbury.​


At last,  I am free of cold sores, I have been plagued with them since I was a child, initially when I took the remedies, I had a really bad outbreak, but I persevered and now I havn't had one for over a year.  This is so fantastic, I never dreamed it was possible to be rid of them for good! 


Sarah, Winchester.


I was a really fit person being in the sport fitness profession. I have been realy unwell for over two years now and have had to stop working altogether. Despite many GP visits and referrrals to various hospital departments, no cause has ever been found.  At times I didn't know how I could carry on.   Earlier this year my vision has also been affected in a most horrible way.   I have static like multi colouored pulsing in my visual field.  Even with my eyes closed.  Even Moorfields eye hospital couldn't give me the answer to what was causing it.


By a chance encounter with a friend of a family member I was told about Vega testing and looked online for someone to consult about it. It all seemed strange,  but to be honest by then I was so desperate to get help I would try anything.


Lesley tested me using her machine and found that I had Lyme disease, and some other infections. Lesley said they are usually form Tick bites. I was bitten by something over two years ago, but I didn't know what it was. (Tick bites are usually the cause  but it is now thought that it may be possible to be infected by other insects - Lesley.) 


I started taking the remedies Leslely supplied me with, and for a while with each new one I felt  worse, but I was feeling pretty bad anyway.  I am now feeling much better physically, but my vision is still a problem.  We hope in time that the damage done to my nervous system which we suspect is the cause, will recover now that I am  testing clear of all the infections.


I will tell others who are having chronic health issues to try this form of testing. I'm not sure where I would be without it. 


Thank you so much.


Albie, London


Testimonials​​ - Matrix Energetics


​ "The most noticeable thing since my session has been a dramatic change in mental attitude. The fear I have felt since childhood (mistakenly created in me by my Mum's fears) seems to have almost totally gone. This is creating an amazing change in my ability to relax - something I found very hard to do before. I think another session might produce even more incredible changes!"


Jenny, Somerset.​


Before session : Acute back ache problem brought on by gardening,with tightness up right side back and shoulder and Pain in lower lumber region. ​During the treatment towards the end of the session I started to feel intense shivers running up and down my spine which continued for quite a few minutes.​


Next day shoulder less painful. Went for oesteopathic treatment and practitioner said that long term stiffness in my right shoulder area was so much better than he had known before. Shoulder now 'bounced' he said as opposed to being so stiff.​


 Liz, Hampshire.​​


I can't thank you enough for the treatments you have given me.
My whole life is better thanks to the flower remedies you prescribed.  I wouldn't have believed it was possible to have such quick relief from long standing issues. 
Pauline, Whitchurch.​
My husband wants to know what has happened to me, I havn't been able to communicate my feelings in all the time we have been together.  After a few treatments I am able to explain just how I feel.  We are both so grateful and will recommend this treatment to our family and friends.
Rita, Andover.​
My daughter is a different child now, she was very withdrawn due to having a mild learning problem.  The flower treatment has made such a difference and she is making great progress with reading.  She is much more confident in class too.  Thank you so much.​
Claire, East Grinstead.​
Testimonials​ - Radionic Analysis
…..I had a problem with my leg, with pain coming gradually and only at certain times.
Then more permanently, I could not kneel and stairs became difficult.  Just bending the knee was painful.   It did feel that the pain was following a nerve tract.
I was supposed to go abroad and ready to cancel, when I was directed to Lesley Knight  and after she did the analysis I was given a combination of treatments including Homotoxicological and complex Homeopathic remedies.
Within a fortnight I was able to walk a longer distance without pain and stairs were a lot easier.  I went abroad and managed (without pain) 395 steps in a salt mine and a further 500 later!
I now can kneel, go downstairs normally, although not fast as I am nearly 80 years old.
I have only twinges after sitting for long periods which are becoming less and less.
Charlotte Salisbury.​




Thank you, Lesley.
I love my new radionic copier and use it all the time for both my pets and my family. If you have a cat, you know how difficult it is to get them to take pills. I have an old guy who has lymphoma. I've been able to put his medicine in his water rather than try to cram a pill down his throat and he's doing much better. I've also had a hard time taking vitamins--they always give me a urinary tract infection for some reason. I'm a vegan so vitamin supplements are vital for me. I'm happy to say I've been able to make a vitamin concoction that assures I get all of the vitamins and minerals I may have been lacking--and no UTI! I have my entire family taking copies--as well as a few friends. You've also inspired me to take some Homeopathy classes! Thanks for making such a remarkable product at a price I can afford. Sincerely, Kim Walter
​Hi Lesley I am absolutely thrilled with my black box. I have a migraine formula that is absolutely vile to take (my own mix of herbs and extracts) and I have a client who suffers terribly with migraines. I replicated the mix and gave it to her. In the last 2 days she has been able to completely halt migraines on 3 separate occasions. Hubby suffers with cluster headaches and I simply replicated his allopathic remedy (as a quick test) and it also stopped it in its tracks twice. I thought it may be nice to give you some feedback . Vivienne. South Africa
I was opportuned to get a copier from Lesley and also Nosodes for some diseases and I have tried them on patients of Human Papilloma, Gardenella Vaginalis,Typhoid and Tuberculosis and these patients did well between 3 weeks and one month. Then on myself I had suffered from Pneumonia and Gallstones and treated myself with the Copier and Nosodes of Mycoplasma Pneumonia and Gallstone, I am reporting exactly what I have experienced in my practice. I have so many testimonials to give you.  The instrument is wonderful. Dr.GODSON C. (NIGERIA)​
Hi Lesley,  Thank you so much for the Copier which arrived on Tuesday, I have tested remedies with Kinesiology, and everything else that I have copied, as well including coffee and some allergens.  I would now like to order three more for my colleagues who all want one!  Thanks again, Pierre, Paris.​

I am very pleased with your Spectrum copier.  It is so useful in my practice. Please let me know of the developments you talked about.  I am keen to use my Radionic rate cards, so your device with this facility incorporated will be ideal for me. Alan Jones,  Stratford.​

Hello Lesley, I would like to use your copier in my upcoming workshop as it is such good value compared to others I have looked at.  Will you offer me a discount if I become a reseller to my students.  Most students are looking for an affordable device, and I because I’ve used yours for over five years I know I can confidently recommend yours. Please let me know asap.  Treeve Sutton, Truro,Cornwall.​

Is there a way that I can become an affiliate for your copiers. I will promote them on my website. Jeanie bundy.

I wanted to thank you for your kindness with my doubts about your copying device.  I have tried so many different treatments and was worried about trying yet another thing that would not work.  As you know I wanted to make desentisisers to my allergies, and I’m delighted to say that it is working really well. My multiple chemical sensititvities  have been so limiting for me for so many years, and already I am so much better.  With gratitude, Margaret Foster Isle of Man.
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