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Access ConsciousnessBars testimonials 
Hi Lesley, just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you again for the wonderful treatment at the weekend... I'm feeling changes that I can't quite put my finger on... A sense of peace and harmony. Less negative emotions (frustration, angst, jealousy, self-criticism), and a constant hum of positive white noise (very difficult to put into words!) . Also, having suffered from severe body dysmorphia, and having physical hang ups for 13 years, I have never felt particularly confident about the reflection I see in the mirror. Much to my surprise, those insecurities seem to be falling away. I smile when I see myself. Any of my friends and family will tell you that's a first. I know it's early stages, and I may continue to see a progression/change over time, but I really feel as though I am suddenly living better. Making better decisions, feeling calmer and more in control, less overwhelmed... You'll probably be hearing from a couple of my neighbours soon, they could see the change in me and were very interested! Thank you again, I feel like I'm at the start of something wonderful xxxxx  Sophie.​


​​​My visit to Lesley was from recommendation by a trusted friend. I found myself on the verge of a very exciting time in my life having finally completed a degree but was stuck under a pile of permanent negative thoughts which were limiting my future.  Like with most things I expected an instant result, of course this was not the case how could it be. Within the week after my first visit to Lesley I felt lighter in my soul with an eye on the future but without expectations, I noticed that people around me were changing too.
Especially my daughter who at nearly 3 years old still has not spoken more than three words. She has become more interactive with other people and is now constantly jibber jabbering. My partner has also grown with me. I would recommend this to anyone who asked and will be continuing with the treatments. Stacy.​​​

I had an Access bars treatment session with Lesley, and my daughter who is 12 very reluctantly had one too!  I noticed very quickly that my life was changing in so many ways.

I was very caught up in controlling and sorting everyone and everything.  I am a therapist and healer myself, and have studied and offered and experienced lots of different therapies. 
I have never found anything so powerful before. Access consciousness has shifted more ‘stuff’ than I would have thought possible, and most of it I didn’t even realise was there. 
It is truly amazing how everyone and everything else in my life is different.  I was hating the part time job I had to do because of my circumstances but I was frustrated with it because I really wanted to do more of the therapy work but hadn’t managed to make it a full time income. So going to my job every day was really impacting my energy and life because I just did not want to be there. In fact it had made me ‘sick’ and I was signed off work for three weeks, but amazingly when I went back to work  I was seeing the whole situation very differently and everything just flowed in  a way that I didn’t even recognise it as my job!
My daughter has changed unbelievably too! She was really difficult, argumentative, clingy, over emotional, manipulative, whiny etc. etc. I literally couldn’t move or try to do anything for myself without her demanding my attention.  I was getting to the point where I didn’t even want to be around her, which made me feel so bad too of course,  it was a big mess.  And I was the therapist, so why couldn’t I sort my own family?
But the most amazing thing is that my adult son has changed, my partner has changed, my dogs have changed, so what isn’t possible?

I have also seen an astounding change in a friends autistic child who has been worked on distantly by Lesley, I saw her after two days and I was amazed at the difference in her, and she is improving all the time. 
At last we have found something which does what it says on the tin!! 
I recommend you try this for yourself and your family. Don’t waste any more time, your life can change too. 

Access consciousness sessions are life changing, so get your Access Bars session now​



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