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Thank you, Lesley.
I love my new radionic copier and use it all the time for both my pets and my family. If you have a cat, you know how difficult it is to get them to take pills. I have an old guy who has lymphoma. I've been able to put his medicine in his water rather than try to cram a pill down his throat and he's doing much better. I've also had a hard time taking vitamins--they always give me a urinary tract infection for some reason. I'm a vegan so vitamin supplements are vital for me. I'm happy to say I've been able to make a vitamin concoction that assures I get all of the vitamins and minerals I may have been lacking--and no UTI! I have my entire family taking copies--as well as a few friends. You've also inspired me to take some Homeopathy classes! Thanks for making such a remarkable product at a price I can afford. Sincerely, Kim Walter
​Hi Lesley I am absolutely thrilled with my black box. I have a migraine formula that is absolutely vile to take (my own mix of herbs and extracts) and I have a client who suffers terribly with migraines. I replicated the mix and gave it to her. In the last 2 days she has been able to completely halt migraines on 3 separate occasions. Hubby suffers with cluster headaches and I simply replicated his allopathic remedy (as a quick test) and it also stopped it in its tracks twice. I thought it may be nice to give you some feedback . Vivienne. South Africa
I was opportuned to get a copier from Lesley and also Nosodes for some diseases and I have tried them on patients of Human Papilloma, Gardenella Vaginalis,Typhoid and Tuberculosis and these patients did well between 3 weeks and one month. Then on myself I had suffered from Pneumonia and Gallstones and treated myself with the Copier and Nosodes of Mycoplasma Pneumonia and Gallstone, I am reporting exactly what I have experienced in my practice. I have so many testimonials to give you.  The instrument is wonderful. Dr.GODSON C. (NIGERIA)​
Hi Lesley,  Thank you so much for the Copier which arrived on Tuesday, I have tested remedies with Kinesiology, and everything else that I have copied, as well including coffee and some allergens.  I would now like to order three more for my colleagues who all want one!  Thanks again, Pierre, Paris.​

I am very pleased with your Spectrum copier.  It is so useful in my practice. Please let me know of the developments you talked about.  I am keen to use my Radionic rate cards, so your device with this facility incorporated will be ideal for me. Alan Jones,  Stratford.​

Hello Lesley, I would like to use your copier in my upcoming workshop as it is such good value compared to others I have looked at.  Will you offer me a discount if I become a reseller to my students.  Most students are looking for an affordable device, and I because I’ve used yours for over five years I know I can confidently recommend yours. Please let me know asap.  Treeve Sutton, Truro,Cornwall.​

Is there a way that I can become an affiliate for your copiers. I will promote them on my website. Jeanie bundy.

I wanted to thank you for your kindness with my doubts about your copying device.  I have tried so many different treatments and was worried about trying yet another thing that would not work.  As you know I wanted to make desentisisers to my allergies, and I’m delighted to say that it is working really well. My multiple chemical sensititvities  have been so limiting for me for so many years, and already I am so much better.  With gratitude, Margaret Foster Isle of Man.
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