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Comprehensive Radionic Analysis Including Remedies and free shipping.​


​With Radionic analysis It is possible to detect pathogens within the body in the way of bacteria, viral, fungal infections, parasites & tropical diseases. These can then be eliminated using appropriate remedies matched both to the toxins and the patient. i.e. the cause of cold sores can be detected and cleared using a Nosode as treatment - hence no more cold sores, likewise specific tooth infections can be detected and eliminated without the use of antibiotics.
A complete Radionic analysis is available which will cover all physical and emotional aspects, so the remedy will include whatever is indicated for all levels of health
To book a Comprehensive analysis send me your details here - I will send you a form to complete which you return with a hair clipping and a photograph.

…..I had a problem with my leg, with pain coming gradually and only at certain times.
Then more permanently, I could not kneel and stairs became difficult.  Just bending the knee was painful.   It did feel that the pain was following a nerve tract.
I was supposed to go abroad and ready to cancel, when I was directed to Lesley Knight  and after she did the analysis I was given a combination of treatments including Homotoxicological and complex Homeopathic remedies.
Within a fortnight I was able to walk a longer distance without pain and stairs were a lot easier.  I went abroad and managed (without pain) 395 steps in a salt mine and a further 500 later!
I now can kneel, go downstairs normally, although not fast as I am nearly 80 years old.
I have only twinges after sitting for long periods which are becoming less and less.
Charlotte Salisbury.​      


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