Transformational Quotes

Book of Quotes which will help shift your perception of who you are and why you are here.
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    This is a book full of quotes which will help you to see the world and your experience of it in a completely new and different way. We all see from our own belief system which may or may not be true. But what is truth anyway. There is your truth, which you will begin to know like a true friend, it will resonate with the essence of who you really are. We are not our personality or our ego, for they are simply constructs of the programming that has been going on since your birth ore even earlier. The essence of who you are doesn't live in your head, its not your thoughts or your mind. Those are part of the programme. Your essence is who hears your thoughts, its the voice that comes from elsewhere, not the mind, the questioning voice, not the critic! Enjoy these quotes and let them loosen some of the programme which is preventing you from reaching your limitless potential. Find out who you really are and your true purpose.