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Radionic Remedy Maker

Radionic Remedy Maker


The instrument is specially designed to transfer energy from one substance to another. Why spend money on remedies when, you can MAKE YOU OWN!! Make your own Homeopathic, Gem, Flower and Herbal remedies.

I now use stainless steel plates on this model copier, they do the same job, whatever you put on the input plate is copied to the medium whether pills or water/alcohol on the output plate.

You can also enregise jewellery simply by putting the necklace, bracelet, ring etc in the output well. To neutralize a remedy or jewellery, put it into the output well with nothing in the input well and leave for a few minutes.

Save money and have the freshest most powerful remedies possible. There is no limit to what you can transfer from colour energy (just place a coloured filter in the Well), dried herbs, aromatherapy oils, vitamins, talismans, and more! Just place them in the input well, set the power switch, place a sugar pill, dropper bottle filled with water and a little alcohol in the output well and then flip the switch! In 15 seconds the energy is transferred! That's all there is to it!

I am no longer permitted to ship the Remedy makers with a battery. It requires a 9 volt battery. Simply change the battery when the LED light begins to dim.

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