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90 gelatine capsules: 
Take 1 - 2 capsules, 2 - 3 times per day, 15 - 30 minutes before meals.

Do not take chitosan at the same time as supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil, Cod Liver Oil etc as they will not be absorbed by the body. However, it is recommended to supplement your diet with fat-soluble vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils.

Chitosan capsules should be taken as part of a calorie-controlled diet designed to help reduce weight healthily.

Pregnant, lactating women and people with fish allergies should consult a physician before using FATSorber with chitin.
A chitosan "fat magnet" supplement, which contains a unique and tailored combination of 4 other specialist weight management and body shape support ingredients - namely, Garcinia cambogia (HCA), Congugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), chromium picolinate and vitamin C.

More about the ingredients in FATSorber...

Chitosan is a fibre-like absorbent substance, which is extracted from marine shells (such as those of crabs and shrimps). It is processed by removing the shells from shellfish, which are then ground into a pulverous powder. Tests show that chitosan powder can bind with up to 6 times its own weight in fat! This ball of fibre and fat can then be passed through the body and expelled. It may therefore also play a part in healthy cholesterol level maintenance.

Garcinia cambogia:
This small, pumpkin-like fruit is indigenous to India and some other parts of Asia. The active ingredient is Hydrocitric Acid (HCA), which is found in the fruit and rind. The theory behind garcinia cambogia is that HCA inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase that helps turn excess carbohydrates into fat.

Congugated Linoleic Acid (CLA):
This is a well-researched fatty acid found predominantly in red meat and dairy products. It is a powerful antioxidant and supports the immune system and muscle tissue to burn calories and fats efficiently.
  • Details

    90 gelatine capsules per pot

    Chitosan powder - 300mg
    Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA) - 250mg
    Congugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) powder - 100mg
    Vitamin C - 20mg
    Chromium picolinate - 50mcg

    Size 00 gelatine capsule
    Contains no added: gluten, wheat, lactose, sugar, artificial colourings or yeast.
    Not suitable for vegetarians.
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