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Anti - Spas

Anti - Spas

90 vege capsules: Take 1 - 2 capsules, 3 times per day with food or as advised by your health practitioner.

Digestion is a complex bodily process, during which food that is consumed is broken down into a simple form by the body. The mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus are the internal organs in the body that together make up the digestive system, which is responsible for extracting essential nutrients and energy and finally expelling the remaining waste.

The process of digestion:

starts in the mouth with the chewing of food (where digestive enzymes in saliva begin to act)
continues in the stomach and small intestine where the food is chemically broken down by the digestive juices and enzymes
and finally gets completed in the large intestine (which is made up of the colon and rectum).
The digestive system is under pressure to perform very important functions all day, every day. Caffeine, alcohol, illness, pregnancy, hormonal balance, stress, severe weather, exercise and other internal and external factors can all take their toll and lead to digestive disorders and complaints.

More about Anti-Spas...

Anti-Spas is a natural, muscular-calming combination, which contains calming and soothing herbs. It is part of our Inner Purity range - pure inside and out! As a supplement, it may be useful for an over-excited colon and for women during painful menstrual cycles.
  • Details

    90 vegetable cellulose capsules per pot

    Valerian - 170mg
    Cramp bark - 117mg
    Wild yam - 117mg
    Vegetable cellulose capsule - 90mg

    Contains no: excipients, gluten, wheat, lactose, added sugar, additives, artificial colourings or yeast.
    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
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