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PhytobiophysicsFlower essences


The testing identifies disease, taints, disharmony and imbalance. The remedies are made from natural plant extracts to stabilise and restore health on all levels. Our emotions play a big part in our physical health. If we have unresolved stress or emotional issues these can become trapped and cause long term health problems.
The Phytobiophysics Philosophy is a treatment protocol which enables an individualised formula  to be made for you. Your unique  remedy can be formulated for you in either a clinic appointment or by remeote Radionic analysis.
Phytobiophysics plant essences have been researched on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. 
Phytobiophysics remedies can be matched specifically to each individual, they allow the release of emotional blocks, and so enable the body to balance on all levels, then allowing the release of retained toxins which are the cause of many physical problems.
​​To book a session at my clinic please contact me here -  Radionic testing is available which is just as accurate as if you were attending in person. I will send you a form to complete which you return with a hair sample.
Remedies will be extra.​


I can't thank you enough for the treatments you have given me.
My whole life is better thanks to the flower remedies you prescribed.  I wouldn't have believed it was possible to have such quick relief from long standing issues. 
Pauline, Whitchurch.​
My husband wants to know what has happened to me, I havn't been able to communicate my feelings in all the time we have been together.  After a few treatments I am able to explain just how I feel.  We are both so grateful and will recommend this treatment to our family and friends.
Rita, Andover.​
My daughter is a different child now, she was very withdrawn due to having a mild learning problem.  The flower treatment has made such a difference and she is making great progress with reading.  She is much more confident in class too.  Thank you so much.​
Claire, East Grinstead.​
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