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Access Bars Treatment sessions

Having a Bars treatment or having your Bars run is the most amazing experience - at the least it's like the best massage you could have and the most relaxing, and the best is your whole life will change!


The process allows the clearing of eons of stuff, which is held in place and contributes to your inability to achieve and create the most amazing life which you deserve to have.  We come here to have a life expereince, to be and feel wonderful, be happy, have some amazing and inspirational experiences, not to be unhappy depressed, repressed and ordinary.


It clears the mind of a lot of the mind 'viruses' which we get infected with from our programming by family, educators, society, government etc.  but guess what?  the vast majority of them are not true for us!  This process is like having your mind defragged just like the computer which gets clogs up and slow.


 I love having my bars run - it is the closest to feeling serenity, peace and calm I have ever expereinced, and believe me I have tried a lot of ways to get those.


Book a sesion now                                      I will contact you to make the appointment

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